TradeStation Programming Services

Looking for a TradeStation Programmer?

Work with an experienced TradeStation programmer. Moore Tech, LLC has been working with TradeStation and EasyLanguage since 2001, and has been offering TradeStation programming services since 2005. Our TradeStation programming experience extends to custom technical indicators, custom automated trading strategies, and other custom tools. In addition to our experience providing TradeStation programming services, our programmers also have a strong background in trading. We have a broad understanding of markets and automated trading systems, making us the ideal solution for your TradeStation programming needs.

TradeStation Programming Services

As a TradeStation programmer, we can help with a variety projects including:

  • Modifying existing indicators and/or strategies
  • Programming custom indicators and/or strategies from scratch
  • Convert code from other software in to EasyLanguage
  • Create Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) for semi-automated trading
  • Data Mining to create reports, statistics, summaries, etc.
  • And More

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