Who is it for?

TradeBullet is designed for traders who need to automate their trading strategies. TradeBullet supports Futures, forex and stocks.

Trade Bullet

What does it do?

The best answer is through an example: say you have a system running on MetaTrader, eSignal or TradeStation but you want to trade it at a different broker, TradeBullet handles this for you by providing an automated link between your broker and your charting application. You could start trading your TradeStation strategy in just a few minutes without the need to modify your strategy code.

You could have a custom strategy designed by MooreTech and use TradeBullet to route the orders to your broker without the need to invest all the time and money required to build and maintain a custom interface to your broker.

Another popular way to use TradeBullet is to subscribe to a few trading system at and have them autotraded in your account with TradeBullet.

How is it different than other tools?

TradeBullet is the simplest autotrading software in the market. We designed it to be easy to operate so you can focus on important things like strategy development and monitoring. It has powerful and robust features that will make your automated life much easier. With over 5000 users worldwide, TradeBullet is the definitive choice for your automation needs.

Can I try it?

Yes! Simply download TradeBullet from and enjoy it free for 14 days with no obligation. You can even trade live during the free trial.