NinjaTrader Indicators - Pattern Recognition Indicator


*For NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.4 and later

  • Advanced pattern recognition formula to predict future price movements
  • Replaces the need for backtesting by showing you exactly what the market has done historically when any given pattern occurs
  • Generates and displays trade statistics based on the historical patterns, allowing you to easily identify patterns which have been profitable historically
  • Ranks market forecasts based on correlation of historical patterns to current patterns
  • Customize number of forecasts, forecast length, and much more.
  • Buttons allow you to easily scroll to historical pattern matches for further analysis
  • Works with Futures, FX, Equities on any time frame or chart type
  • Automatically calculates trade risk, reward, and position size
  • Recognizes various types of candlestick patterns


NinjaTrader Indicator

This very unique product is unlike any other NinjaTrader indicators available. Other NinjaTrader indicators simply react to price movements. Our Polynomial Forecasting and Pattern Recognition Indicator calculates the best fit polynomial for the most recent market pattern, and identifies where similar patterns have occured in history. In other words, it is performing pattern recognition utilizing polynomials. Once the patterns have been identified historically, a polynomial is calculated to define the market activity for the market price after that pattern occured. Those historical patterns are then used as a forecast for the current market price. Therefore, our forecasts are based completely on historical price patterns.

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For additional information on our Pattern Recognition Indicator, please refer to our user Users Guide. Additionally, you can contact us directly regarding our NinjaTrader indicators.

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