NinjaTrader Portfolio Analyzer


  • Free Trial (See bottom of page)
  • Combine performance of numerous trading systems in to one single report (Demo mode is limited to two systems).
  • Powerful graphs displaying important performance measures
  • Flexible portfolio design
  • Periodic calculations including VAMI (Value Added Monthly Index), Sharpe ratio, and Sortino ratio

Summary Page:

Review information such as total net profit, profit factor, maximum drawdown, percent profitable and more.

NinjaTrader Portfolio

Graphs Page:

View detailed graphs on cumultaed net profit, drawdown, trade profit and loss, maximum adverse excursion and maximum favorable excursion.

NinjaTrader Add On

Periodic Page:

View returns daily, monthly or annualy. Calculate Sharpe ratio and Sortino based on the display period.

NinjaTrader Software

Trades Page:

View detailed trade by trade information for every trade in the portfolio.

NinjaTrader Systems

Free Trial

Our trial version allows you to combine the results from two separate trading strategies. Upgrading to the full version will allow you to combine the performance of an unlimited number of strategies. Click Here to download your free trial of NinjaTrader Portfolio Analyzer now.

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